The Malahat First Nation Administration is comprised of Nation Members, Aboriginal Professionals and other well qualified and capable people all committed to providing the essential and needed programs and services to the Nation.

Here are some of the leading roles in the administration; Chief Executive Officer – Renee Racette, Director of Finance – Amy Andreasen, Director of Community and Governance – Robert Sagmeister, Director of Community and Employment – Laurie Schuerbeke, Manager of Operations and Maintenance – Mike Biever.

Programs and Services are developed and provided based on a number of considerations, influences and limitations.
For example, some programs are funded through federal government initiatives with very specific deliverables, service models and intended benefits to Members, while others are less specific and may cover a broad scope and mandate.  All programs and services also have limitations which restrict and sometimes limit the level of benefits, programs and services provided to Members: Social Assistance Programs are a good example of this.

Nonetheless, the Malahat Nation Administration works hard to provide an effective array of programs and services and benefits to the Members, which align with the communities stated objectives and expectations by the set direction of Chief & Council, and within the laws and fiduciary obligations of the Nation.

Members are encouraged to contact the Band Administration at any time to learn more.