The Malahat Business Trust is comprised of qualified appointees who serve as Trustees and whose sole function is to be involved in:

  1. Appointing members of the Board of Directors; trustees may seek suggestions or input from the Nation’s  Membership or other advisers to establish a slate of suitable Board candidates.

  2. Holding the shares of Malahat Economic Development Ltd. in trust for the Malahat First Nation.

  3. Determining performance standards for the Board of Directors, reviewing and evaluating performance results and, where necessary, taking corrective action to improve the Board.

  4. Setting and, as necessary, changing corporate charter of Malahat Economic Development Ltd., seeking and/or incorporating recommendations from the Board of Directors as necessary.

  5. Remaining informed of Malahat Economic Development Ltd. performance by reviewing regular reports and annual business plans received from the Corporation.

  6. Selecting the corporate auditor and legal counsel.

  7. Attending Trust meetings and recording minutes.

  8. Establishing code of conduct for Trustees and self-enforcing where possible.

  9. Reporting any unresolved issues to Council for final resolution where necessary.