Comprehensive Community Planning

In 2012, a Comprehensive Community Plan was developed with the assistance of the citizens, employees and leadership with the future of Malahat members being the primary focus. One key feature this plan identified was that the Malahat Nation had the ability to Self Govern.

With self governance, meant the ability to strengthen the community and create opportunities to assist members by creating programs and services in several areas including employment, education, economic development, health and social programs and cultural preservation and education, to name a few.


Malahat Nation’s steps to self governance mean that the community takes control of how their nation is run and this in turn means more community involvement and participation in true Nation building form.

Self governance protects Malahat culture.

Self Governance means the community benefits!

  • Language and Culture and shared and maintained under Malahat Law
  • Employment and education opportunities for members
  • Housing and Economic Development can progress quicker benefitting the community

A custom election code is one step on the pathway to self governance which is creating the Big, Bold, and Beautiful Malahat Nation

Mail in your ballot to arrive before February 16, 2015 or come and vote in person from 9am- 8pm at the Kwunew Kwasun Cultural Centre.

For more information or to request a package call or text Patrick Marshall at 250.507.4500


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