The Malahat Nation created a fundamental structure for conducting business in order to ensure that economic activities are directly linked to Member needs and aspirations. In fact, the Nation has developed a number of unique tools to assist both aboriginal and business people to understand the Malahat Way of conducting business.

The “Authority” is comprised of the reporting and accountability relationships between a number of organizations. Some serve as filters and others are guardians of the Nation’s Interests.

The Malahat Leadership created the Development Authority to ensure that all business transactions are based on sound best practices, developed and deployed at the speed of business, and are responsible and ethical to the Membership of the Malahat Membership.

The membership has constructed a Comprehensive Community Plan which illustrates their interests and aspirations. The Plan is reviewed regularly and drives the operating plans of the government. The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy is constructed with input and feedback informed by the Comprehensive Community Plan. All Plans are reviewed and approved by the Malahat Leadership.
This system of accountability, reporting, corporate social responsibility and responsibility ensure that people wishing to conduct business with the Malahat Nation receive the best possible advise and direction from an informed Economic Development company created to ensure that the best of the community, both inside and outside the Nation is working collaboratively in the interest of every single Member of the Malahat Nation.