The Malahat Business Trust is comprised of the appointment of one qualified individual to serve as Trustee for the economic transactions generated by the Nation. The function of the Trustee, as outlined in the Trust Document are:

  1. To receive and properly administer own source revenue funds from commercial, business and otherwise designated sources exclusively for the benefit of the Malahat Nation.

  2. To ensure funds received are immediately and without exception divided equally among these three designated accounts (the “Accounts”):

    • Band Programs and Services (BPS).

    • Band Infrastructure and Capital Projects (BICP).

    • Reinvestment in Business and Commercial Opportunities (RBCO).

  3. To preserve and protect the integrity of the redistribution of the funds in the Accounts, as provided for herein.

  4. To do such things and to perform such acts to accomplish its purpose and as are not forbidden herein, with all the powers conferred under the laws of British Columbia and Canada.

In plain language, the Trustee compares the activities of the Malahat Economic Development against the values, goals and objectives of the Malahat Nation as expressed in the Comprehensive Community Plan an ensures that revenue raised from these transactions are deposited against the appropriate accounts.