huy-ch-qu-hands-01GALA 2017

Malahat Nation raises its hands and says Huy ch q’u (thank you) to the attendees, sponsors and donors for helping to make our 4th annual Golf & Gala Event a tremendous success. Thanks to your generous support, we raised more than $200,000 and are one step closer to realizing our vision of a daycare centre in the Malahat Village!

We know that children who attend daycare facilities in every other First Nations community are well prepared for school when the day arrives, and that their opportunities for a healthy and successful life are dramatically improved. A daycare centre will provide support for our growing families and allow for community members to continue their education and employment plans knowing their children are safe and well cared for.

We’re committed to providing life-changing opportunities to our members by offering diversified programs as well as opportunities for economic development. By sponsoring and attending this fundraising event, you’ve given the children a head start which will allow them to blossom, thrive and grow to become the future leaders of tomorrow.

We raise our hands in thanks to you, the champions of our community.





The 1st Malahat Nation Gala took place in 2013 with a focus on raising funds for the new Kwanu Kwasun Cultural Centre. The Cultural Centre is located in the hub of our community and is used on a daily basis for many of our programs.

The 2nd annual Gala focused on developing 16 social programs such as Life Skills, Positive Parenting, Youth Sports and After School Programs. Through generous contributions from the community, these programs have enhanced the lives of so many Malahat families.

Funds raised through the 3rd annual Gala last year have continued to support the social programming initiated in 2014 and now provide employment training opportunities and economic development initiatives to our membership both on and off reserve.



For more information please contact: Miya Inkster


Phone: 250.743.3231 ext. 202