At its core, “governance” means the process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented or not implemented. Chief and Council believe effective governance is modeled with inclusiveness and consensus.

Malahat Nation policy, bylaws, regulations, and codes are steps in governing on the way to building an independent Constitution and effective self-governance. Policies help determine the scale and size of programs and services that are unique to our Nation. They might include social, environmental, economic and government operations and subjects like housing, culture and language support to Members. Our Nation makes policy so that there is evidence of fair decision making that is consistent in form and content.

Recent written policies and procedures developed through the community collaborative model provide a foundation for effective governance related issues and actions. The spirit and intent of these and all guidance documents is to provide fair, accountable and visible, open practices. Members have served as witnesses to this work at a number of special meetings held in offices and in homes during the winter season and have requested that policies reflect their cultural practices and language at every opportunity

As we work towards improving the quality of life for membership, the depth and breadth of success of the Malahat Nation will undoubtedly depend on how the policies are interpreted, implemented, monitored and enforced.