The 2015/2016 year has brought about many transformations for Malahat First Nation. Most significantly a change in Leadership, which would include an adjustment of direction. A solid purpose designed by the newly elected Chief and Council is to make changes for today and the future for Malahat First Nation.

In a recent Strategic Planning session completed by Chief, Council and Executive they identified the investment into the Malahat Community and Malahat Membership as the top priority. With clearly defined values such as family and children, learning and understanding, trust, pride, respect and self determination leading the way, the important objectives aligned with building on this foundation.

The overall objectives include but are not limited to; equity of members, free to determine destiny, prioritizing community development, nation building, wealth, economics, culture, strong leadership, opportunity, build capacity to facilitate change, and bringing back the voice of the people. This translated into a resounding message of recognizing the past, and moving toward the future.

From this process there were 17 specific and achievable goals determined by Malahat Leadership that will set the direction for Malahat First Nation administration. These will be prioritized and carried out within a well conceived operational and budget plan to achieve them within a fiscal period.

For example, during this fiscal period there is an immense focus on building, and encompassed in that focus is….housing, a daycare facility, capacity, business, opportunity, communication, and cultural awareness. And this means that the Malahat First Nation administration is tasked with delivering very specific benefits to the Malahat Nation Community.

Members are encouraged to contact the administration at any time to learn more about the Malahat Strategic Plan.