The Nation is working towards its treaty readiness by developing sound and enduring governance that aligns with opportunity the community identified during the Comprehensive Community Plan process and meets the reality and challenges contemplated with the fruition of a final Treaty agreement.

We continue to be innovative and at the forefront of anticipating and acting on preparation for treaty and self determination, and working with the community to ensure that a final Treaty Agreement aligns with the expectations, direction and priorities of the Malahat People.

In the future, Malahat individuals who enrol under the Treaty Final Agreement will have the opportunity to choose if they wish to become Malahat Citizens in accordance with the Eligibility and Enrolment Chapter being developed through the Te’mexw Treaty Association.



I have been elected by the Band membership to serve in the public office of Chief and Council for the Malahat Nation. As an elected leader, I solemnly swear that I will:

  • Uphold my obligation to the ancestors, the people and future generations of the Malahat Nation.
  • Provide professional, ethical and responsible leadership to advance the best interests of the Malahat Nation.
  • Carry out the powers entrusted to me and perform the duties of elected office diligently and to the best of my ability.
  • Disclose any potential, perceived or real conflict of interest that could influence my conduct in public matters.
  • Uphold Malahat Nation policies and act in accordance with all Malahat Nation governing documents.
  • Advocate strengthening Malahat language; culture and spirituality.
  • Oversee that Malahat lands, waters and resources are managed towards sustainability for future generations of Malahat people.
  • Encourage the improvement of health, safety and self sufficiency initiatives of the Malahat Nation.
  • Support Malahat economic development and training initiatives to advance employment and capacity building opportunities to membership.
  • Bring honour to the Malahat Nation in all circumstances where I am called upon to represent the Nation in public matters.
  • Respect the enduring intent of community plans and policies already in place by previous leadership and Malahat membership.